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So so true....

My sister found the great web-site in the entire world. It's called "Bush in 30 seconds." It's hosted by a group of celbrities that are asking young people to make 30 second commercials bashing Bush into the floor. No offense to any republicans, but Bush has got to go. This site is hilarious, and doesn't take too long to download. I give it *****

Go to my link page to find many other wonderful sites that are soo cool you'll want to be named bob. And if you're named bob, you'd like to be named alfred.

Yeah. New Strong Bad E-mail with many links to games. One is a game with Rhino that you have to feed. Watch out for the snakes, Another one is I'm not quite sure, but you are a red dot and you run around and collect other dots: A third one is a 3d game where you block blocks that are spat at you and try to hit Strong Bad's Face: The final one is a word game. You know the drill. There you go.






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