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Allina's Background  

The links that are worth linking to.

Yeah, this here, it links to Allina's site, because it's the only site that I have that has a funny background. I just like the ice-cream. If there is any site that I should know about, you can e-mail them to me... if there isn't, then congratulations to me. I'm awesome.




Awesome Sites

Lenore- - She's cute, she's dead. It's just overall funny.

Bulbous Bouffant In Technicolor! -Hilarious. Due to the neglect from Allina and Alicia, I took it upon myself to find this wonder song. Here it is.

Bush in 30 seconds The truth is revealed. Perhaps one of the best and truest sites ever made.

Homestar Runner -Not the real reason why you go to his site, but he does lift things without arms, so that's gotta count for something.

Singing Horses -Ok, you click on there mouths and they sing. How much cooler does it get?

Links that are helpful, and sometimes useful

Graphing Calculator! -It's a graphing calculator

Matrix Calculator Matrix Calculatro Hooray

Quotations Page Quotes

Quote Land More Quotes

Death Clock I don't know, it's semi-interesting.

When you're bored You think you're bored, these people really are.

When you're REALLY bored Ok, stress management tool. click and pop.


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